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2020 Speakers

Passionate. Inspired. Unshakable.

Seventeen speakers. Seventeen points of view. Seventeen ways to shift your thinking. Meet this year’s outstanding group of speakers covering topics inspired by medicine, law, human experience, spirituality, creativity, the environment, and more.

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Our 2021 Leadership Team

Bringing TEDx to Surrey is a consuming passion for our leadership team and all the hard work is paying off. Coming from different backgrounds but committed to achieving a single goal, they strive to discover and showcase ideas that have the potential to transform us and enhance our community. Here’s the team leading the efforts of all to make TEDxBearCreekPark the best it can be.

Leadership Team


This is the premier TEDx event in Surrey, BC, and it is made possible with the support of our amazing partners who share out passion for the community

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Alan Warburton, Licensee & Curator

School Principal, Retired

Alan is a retired school principal. He is a Distinguished Toastmaster and has twice qualified for the finals of the World Championships of Public speaking. In 2016-2017 he was the Toastmasters International District 21 Director, overseeing 150 clubs in southern B.C.

Alan has been deeply involved with TEDx for the past 3 years. In 2017-2018, he was the Curator for TEDxWhiteRock. He founded TEDxBearCreekPark in 2018 and has been the Licensee/Curator for the pas t two years.

Organizing TEDxBearCreekPark is a labour of love for Alan. It allows him to work with teams of dedicated volunteers who freely give their time to create an event of the highest quality. TEDxBearCreekPark has grown quickly from an audience of 1 00 in 2019 to a projected audience of over 1,000 in 2020. Alan is so appreciative of our many partners who are supporting our efforts to make TEDxBearCreekPark an outstanding event in our community.

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Adrian Midwood

Adrian Midwood is Vancouver area born and raised, though he set sail (literally) for all corners of the globe at 18 years old. His travels started on the west coast in Tofino, where a passion for the ocean was born, and where he presently resides again.

Adrian worked his way through the ranks and became a 200-ton Ocean Rated Boat Captain at 25 years old. Shortly thereafter, he became a permanent resident of the South Pacific Island Nations. Once settled and working in what most would consider a dream life existence, the implications of our convenience culture caught up with him in the most remote corners of the world. Adrian founded a small grassroots organization and collaborated with some of the largest NGO’s and charities on eradicating waste plastics from our oceans. He is a social entrepreneur who has designed and operated various local plastic remediation programs to initiate circular economies and stop plastic from entering our waterways.

Adrian is currently the Executive Director of Plastic Oceans Canada. His TEDx talk is centered around raising awareness of the plastic crisis, diving headfirst into tackling the issue on a larger scale, and how everyone can be the solution with simple achievable steps from home in their daily lives.

When Adrian is not juggling the various irons in the fire of endless partner programs, he enjoys anything that involves being in the ocean, with surfing taking precedence over anything else.

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