shift in thinking

Rarely has the entire human race been plucked from its familiar rhythms and routines and dropped into a place that none of us has ever been before. And yet, that’s what the global pandemic has done. We’re enduring a season of loss, uncertainty, and discord, but what’s beyond? Much has been taken away, yes, but what will now take its place? 

What can we do differently to seize the opportunities this passing moment presents? 

Join us at TEDxBearCreekPark as 12 transformative ideas are danced before you. Let them stretch your perspective and unveil new shapes and movements. It’s time for us to shift our thinking and rebuild our world.

Raymond Shum - RS3_1011

What is TED?

TED (Technology, Entertainment, Design) is devoted to spreading ideas. Ideas packaged in short, powerful talks, address universal topics that inspire and bring people together. A global community has been created, welcoming people from every discipline and culture. TED gives them a platform to share their passion and their way of looking at the world with an audience that spans the globe.

What is TEDx?

TEDx events bring the power of TED to local communities. They’re Independently organized by curious individuals looking to capture the power of the ideas around them. Operating under a license granted by TED, TEDx events feature live speakers who spark conversations and generate a shift in thinking.